• Monitor the SLT industry in India and focus countries, and map the regulatory processes, policies and legislations which govern the SLT industry.

  • Monitor SLT taxation, compliance to health warnings TAPS regulations for SLT products in India, and support partners in focus countries to collate, document and share good practices in policy implementation with key stakeholders.

  • Institutionalize mechanisms to regulate SLT by building capacities of government officials at national and state level, and support implementation to achieve stronger compliance to FCTC guidelines and domestic legislation.

  • Collate and compile evidence on tobacco industry interference in SEAR region and within states of India, and support partners to draft guidelines in line with provisions under Article 5.3.


Our approach:

Convene, map and equip the states and national government and non-government organization who work on tobacco control and support them to execute for effective implementation of SLT.

Build capacity and organise training workshop to build capacity of key national and state government stakeholders and non-government stakeholders on Tax and TAPS polices and violations prevalent in states and in India.

Generate novel solutions based on policy framework for high burden SLT states in India and support tobacco control cells and state governments to draft policies.




The forum aims to partner with various government institutions, agencies and ministries for identifying opportunities to build systems for ensuring data quality, further leading to equipping institutions with solutions and strategies to contribute to data quality improvement. Potential partners include, but not limited to